Supporting Launde

Supporting Launde Abbey

As a Charitable Trust we rely heavily on donations and fund raising to enable us to offer our guests the hospitality and fellowship they often need in times of trouble and hardship. In today’s busy world it is important that retreat houses such as Launde Abbey, are able to offer visitors a place to come when they need time out to reflect on life’s challenges. Here we can offer a place of sanctuary for those with faith in need of spiritual nourishment and encourage those who are seeking faith, in whatever form that may take.

If you would like to make it possible for someone in need to visit Launde Abbey or would just like to make a general donation to support our work here, please visit the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) website using the donate button below:


Or, if you prefer, contact Elizabeth or Sue on You may send us a cheque or make a debit card payment if this is easier for you.