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  • This event has passed.

Quilting and Textiles Sewing Retreat

14th January, 4:00 pm to 18th January, 2:00 pm


Claire Goode


In this retreat Claire Goode explore the theme Trees, Shoots and Leaves – New Growth for a New Year.

Join us in the warm and cosy surroundings of Launde for a creative sewing retreat, with the opportunity to make a small wall hanging, cushion cover or table centre using a variety of sewing techniques. Beginners are very welcome.

Claire Goode is Vicar of St Andrew’s Church, Nottingham, a small city centre parish.  She was previously in rural ministry, and before that taught office skills and A levels in further education.  Claire trained in spiritual accompaniment with the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham.  In her spare time she designs and makes patchwork quilts, and she is a member of the Quliter’s Guild, so you will be in very experienced hands.

Early bird price: £410 if booked before October 31st 2018.


14th January, 4:00 pm
18th January, 2:00 pm
Event Category:
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