Christmas Icon Retreat ***FULLY BOOKED***

Join experienced Iconographer Peter Murphy for a week learning the medieval gilding and painting techniques to create stunning icon paintings.


Still before Christmas 2021

As our first Christmas since lockdown draws near we take the opportunity to gather together around the Bethlehem manger in a retreat led by the Warden of Launde Abbey.


Epiphany Retreat

In this darkest season of the year, we will reflect on the Light revealed both in these stories and in our stories, and explore what God’s Spirit might be saying to each of us through them as 2022 begins.


Quilting and Textiles Sewing Retreat

This retreat offers a time to ponder God’s love for us and for others and how we respond to that love. As we do this, there will be an opportunity to create a piece of sewing/patchwork/embroidery which reflects this.


You are Chosen and Precious, and I Love you

For those of us who are weary or disorientated because of the experiences of recent months, this retreat offers the opportunity to come home, to come back to God who in Christ invites us to make our home in him.


Ancient Paths, New Horizons

This retreat will look at the treasures which have come down to us through the lives of the Celtic saints whose faith was shaped on the anvil of an era of major cultural change.


Beginners Retreat

A retreat for first time retreatants led Alison Myers and Chris Webb. The aim of the weekend is to help you enter the world of silent retreats gently and with plenty of support.


The Great Journey of Lent

As we set out on our pilgrimage through Lent, we will consider Jesus’ life through the image of ‘journey’, his obedience, compassion and suffering, culminating on the cross.


Contemplative Photography ***FULLY BOOKED***

Using photography as a starting point, this retreat draws on Ignatian spiritual practices to bring together the photographic stance and God’s lens enabling us to see the world in fresh and new ways


Holy Week Retreat 2022

During this retreat we'll be walking the road to Calvary as we trace the story in Mark's gospel through reflections, prayer, meditation and silent contemplation.