Mindfulness Retreat ***FULLY BOOKED***

In this retreat, we explore the foundations of mindfulness, as taught in secular mindfulness courses, and we discover how these can support our prayer life, attentiveness and stillness.


July Quiet Day: Keeping the Fire Ablaze

Launde Abbey East Norton, Leicestershire

Barely a month after Pentecost when the tongues of the fire of the Holy Spirit lapped around Jesus’ followers, this Quiet Day invites participants to prepare for life in the power of the Spirit.


Magnificat – Bach’s Rejoicing

PRAYING WITH MUSIC: Explorations of great music at Launde Abbey with Euan Tait, a well know choral poet (librettist), whose work is commissioned and performed internationally. 
This retreat is designed to enable participants, performer and listener alike, to explore the spiritual and emotional hearts of Bach.


August Quiet Day: Sensing the Divine

Launde Abbey East Norton, Leicestershire

We will consider what it means to be attentive to the presence of God and to search for God where there is only absence.


Labyrinth Retreat

Join Chris Webb, our Deputy Warden at Launde Abbey for a five day 'Walk the Labyrinth' Retreat. Relax and unwind with God while exploring the labyrinth path in support of your spiritual journey.


Saturday Quiet Day: Summertime, and the living is easy … or is it?

Launde Abbey East Norton, Leicestershire

Whether or not you holiday in August, many of our institutions take a break. In thsi day, we will take the opportunity to relax in the presence of God and reflect on what it means to have some ‘down-time’ with God.