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Soulfulness: Finding Richer Communion with God, Ourselves and the World Around Us

Leader : Brian Draper
Dates : Tue 12 Feb 2019 - Fri 15 Feb 2019
Price : £315.00 - £335.00
Type + Interest :
Description: "What does it profit anyone … if they gain the whole world but lose their soul?" There must be more to life than this, mustn’t there? To home life, work life … Christian life even! And mercifully, something calls to us from beyond the surface of our often busy lives. In moments of beauty, connection, even in times of pain and loss, the soul stirs, reminding us that there’s not just more to life, but more to us too.

But how do we respond to these times of ‘awakening’, so that we don’t just rush straight back to busyness-as-usual? After all, as the priest and author Cynthia Bourgeault writes: “we spend so much of our adult energies thinking, planning, worrying, trying to get ahead, or to stay afloat, that we lose touch with that natural intimacy … deep within us.”

In this retreat, then, we’ll open up evocative reflective space in which to nurture that natural intimacy; to let the soul stir again, and to cultivate a deeper, on-going sense of communion with God, ourselves, the world around us, and God’s Creation. Not that we’re looking for a three-step plan for the perfect life, nor for spiritual ‘escape’ from the world. The soulful path follows Jesus back in to the heart of life itself, in its fullness; so we’ll ask how we can embody the transformation we’d love to see in the world, through our own transformed lives.

With times of teaching, guided reflection, personal space and sharing as a group, we’ll explore what it means to stop living reactively and unthinkingly from ego – taking an appreciative look at mindfulness as we go – and to start living intentionally from soul. We’ll reflect on who we are, to express that more powerfully through what we do. And we’ll seek to recover more of the ‘unforced rhythms of grace’, with which to return from whence we came – with soul!


Brian Draper is the author of Soulfulness: Deepening the Mindful Life (published by Hodder Faith in 2016). He has also written Spiritual Intelligence, Less is More, Labyrinth and What Matters Most? He is an experienced retreat guide, and works with individuals and organisations to nurture their ‘soulful leadership’ (often using labyrinths). Brian is a regular present of ‘Thought for the Day’ on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, and was formerly editor of Third Way magazine. He is an associate member of faculty at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, where he was formerly lecturer in contemporary culture. He also contributes to U2.com. For more details, visit www.briandraper.org

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