How we can help

Problems and Questions: How we can help

Our staff team will be doing everything they can to keep you safe and secure. We’re also asking all our guests to play their part, and we’re confident that people will rise to the occasion. But you may find that you have a concern during your stay: a question about these guidelines, a problem with a guest or member of staff, or some other issue you’d like to discuss.

In the event of any concern arising please speak in the first instance to the staff at the Reception Desk who will assist you. If necessary you can also ask to speak to the Business Manager or the Warden. Questions and concerns can also be sent to us via email:

Thank You. We’re delighted to be able to welcome guests back to Launde, and we’re grateful to you for your cooperation as we endeavour to make the experience of staying here as safe, secure, inspiring and enriching as possible.

You can download a PDF copy of this Keeping You Safe programme by clicking here.