Our kitchens and dining area are always run to the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. At present we’ve also added a range of provisions to ensure that we follow all government guidance and best practice, so our guests can enjoy Launde’s celebrated hospitality with confidence and peace of mind.

Seating.  We’re only accepting as many overnight guests as we can safely accommodate in our dining rooms. At times this may mean two sittings (earlier and later) for some meals, in which case details will be posted in the Gallery. All places settings will be properly socially distanced from other guests, and tables will be thoroughly cleaned between meals. Please let us know in advance if you’re attending Launde with other guests who are already part of your pre-existing ‘social bubble’ and with whom you’d like to share a table. 

Service. All meals will be pre-ordered and served to you at your table by staff wearing PPE. There won’t be any buffet style service and therefore no queuing for meals. If you need attention please indicate to one of the dining room staff (who’ll be present throughout meal service). Please remain seated at your table until you’re attended to and until you’ve finished your meal. 

Drinks/Bar. Chilled water is provided at every table at our lunch and evening meal, but should you require additional refreshments with your meal or to take to your room afterwards please speak to the waiting staff who will tell you what other drinks are available to purchase. A ‘tab’ will then be kept for the duration of your stay and you’ll be asked to settle this by card payment in the dining room at your final meal with us. 

After your meal. When you finish each meal we ask that you simply leave all the used plates, napkins and cutlery on your table and leave the dining room using one of the designated exits. Our staff will come through once all guests have left so they can clean and sterilise the dining room surfaces and wash all the utensils in our high-heat washer.

You can download a PDF copy of this Keeping You Safe programme by clicking here.