Relaxing and Socialising

Relaxing and socialising

Launde is a big and spacious place, blessed with numerous quiet cosy spots for reading, chatting or simply being quiet, and also with extensive outdoor space for those who want to walk or sit in the sunshine. It’s possible for us to keep you safe and secure throughout your stay while providing plenty of opportunities for recreation and conversation with friends.

Indoors. We want to ensure you have a comfortable stay so we’ve reconfigured our public areas to provide plenty of spaces to sit, read, rest and safely talk with others. We’ve removed any unnecessary furniture and literature, and we’ll keep doors and windows open where possible.

There are restrictions in place regarding the number of guests who may use any given space at one time. We may also have to ask guests to give us an opportunity to clean these spaces from time to time. Please use the guest spaces responsibly: don’t rearrange the furniture; maintain social distancing at all times; and try to use spaces where fewer people are already gathered.

Outdoors. Good weather affords the opportunity to get outside where restrictions are far fewer – so we hope you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the gardens and surrounding countryside! When outside please do continue to respect social distancing guidelines for the safety and comfort of other guests. If you’d like details of longer walks in the local area, please ask at Reception where we keep a selection of maps and guides.

Bookshop, snacks and essentials. Our friendly Reception staff have a range of essential items (such as soap, shampoo and toothbrushes) available for purchase.

We usually sell Christian books, gift items and Launde souvenirs on site, and many guests find this valuable. We’re making arrangements to continue to provide as much of this service as possible.

Our meals are famous for their generous portions and it’s rare for guests at Launde to complain that they’re hungry. Our usual snack bar will be closed for the foreseeable future so please bring with you any snacks you think you might miss!

You can download a PDF copy of this Keeping You Safe programme by clicking here.