Lent 2021

Praying Lent 2021: Daily Worship and Sunday Reflections

Every day from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday we’re providing a brief daily service of worship and prayer as part of our Launde@Home programme (the services can be listened to online or downloaded). On Ash Wednesday and on each Sunday we’re also offering a short reflection on the Gospel reading for the day. Click the links below for each week’s resources (links will go live a few days before each week begins)

Ash Wednesday and weekdays following (17-20 February)
The First Sunday in Lent and weekdays following (21-27 February)
The Second Sunday in Lent and weekdays following (28 February – 6 March)
The Third Sunday in Lent and weekdays following (7-13 March)
The Fourth Sunday in Lent and weekdays following (14-20 March)
The Fifth Sunday in Lent and weekdays following (21-27 March)
Palm Sunday and the start of Holy Week (28 – 31 March)
The Easter Triduum: Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday (1 – April)

These worship resources are offered by Launde as a gift to the wider church and community. If you find this material helpful and would like to make a donation to support our ongoing ministry, thank you!

Launde Retreats for Lent and Eastertide

Curious Contemplative Retreat with Chris Webb (22-24 February). What does it mean to be a contemplative? How do we pursue a contemplative life, and how do we learn to dwell in God’s silence and hear the divine whisper? What might change in us if we open up to contemplative experience? This retreat will explore the shape of contemplative life by following the transformative story of the prophet Elijah. Find out more here.

Quiet Day: Treasure in Clay Jars (1 March)

Quiet Day: Fig Trees and Overturned Tables (29 March)

Easter Triduum Retreat with Euan Tait (1-4 April). Come and enter into the mystery of the Easter Triduum (the holy weekend from Good Friday to Easter Day), as Euan Tait joins us again to lead us with reflections on the human drama of the Passion story, infused with meditations on Parts 2 and 3 of Handel’s Messiah. Find out more here.

Easter Retreat with David and Helen Newman (6-9 April). What joy and mystery are contained in the final chapters of the gospels! Something wonderful has happened which the early Christians understand as Jesus risen. On this retreat we will seek to understand what this means for us and our world and how we live in the light of the resurrection. Find out more here.

Post-Easter: Individually Guided Retreats (9-13 April)