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Retreats at Launde Abbey

We’re delighted to introduce our exciting programme of retreats here at Launde Abbey. We’ve got some fabulous speakers and leaders coming, and we’re looking forward to welcoming you to be a part of it too!





3 Day Individually Guided Retreat **SORRY, THIS RETREAT IS NOW FULL** / Glenn Martin

Monday, 20th – Friday, 24th

Messages From Our Church Buildings / Roger Willson

Monday, 20th – Friday, 24th

Gardening Retreat/Holiday **SORRY THIS RETREAT IS NOW FULL** / Launde Community

Monday, 20th – Friday, 24th


Charismatic and Contemplative** SORRY THIS RETREAT IS NOW FULL ** / David Newman

Monday, 3rd – Thursday, 6th



Gardening Retreat/Holiday ** SORRY, THIS RETREAT IS NOW FULL** / Launde Community

Monday, 8th – Friday, 12th

Walking Holiday/Retreat / David Harnett and Hazel Aucken

Monday, 22nd – Friday 26th

Starting Again / Bishop John Stroyan

Friday, 26th – Sunday, 28th

Dying to Live  ** SORRY, THIS RETREAT IS NOW FULL ** / Helen Newman

Monday, 29th – Wednesday, 31st


Enneagram Retreat ** SORRY THIS RETREAT IS NOW FULL**/ Simon Parke

Monday, 5th – Friday, 9th

Poetry and Presence Retreat / Rosy Fairhurst and Mary Ann Lund

Friday, 9th – Sunday 11th

Advent Retreat: Knocking on Heaven’s Door / Adrian and Jill Chatfield

Monday, 26th – Thursday, 29th

Transforming Church Conflict / David Newman and Louise Corke

Thursday, 29th – Friday, 30th


From shadow to warm glow, from pitch black to blinding light: The Christmas StorIes / Trevor Dennis

Monday, 3rd – Thursday, 6th




Eyes Wide Open:  A Retreat for Epiphany / Chris Webb

Friday, 11th – Sunday, 13th

Quilting and Textiles Retreat: Trees, Shoots and Leaves – new growth for a new year / Claire Goode

Monday, 14th – Friday, 18th

Sermon on the Mount: a spirituality for today / Mike Harrison

Monday 28th – Thursday, 31st


Transforming Church Conflict / David Newman and Louise Corke

Thursday, 21st – Friday, 22nd

Soulfulness:  Finding Richer Communion with God, Ourselves and the World Around Us / Brian Draper

Tuesday, 12th – Friday, 15th

Living with Loss / Abi and John May

Monday, 18th – Friday, 22nd


Icon Painting Retreat  **SORRY, THIS RETREAT IS NOW FULL**/ Peter Murphy  

Monday, 11th – Friday, 15th (another course has been set for September 23rd – 27th 2019)

Dust and Glory: A Lent Retreat / David Runcorn

Monday, 18th – Thursday, 21st


Holy Week Retreat / Cathy Davies and Chris Webb

Monday, 15th – Thursday, 18th

Easter Retreat / Led by David and Helen Newman

Tuesday, 23rd – Friday, 26th


A Julian of Norwich Retreat / Simon Parke

Monday, 6th – Friday, 10th

Labyrinth Retreat: Praying on an ancient path / Barbara Wallace

May 28th – May 31st

Photography Retreat:  Seeing the light in life / Stephen Radley

Friday, 31st – Sunday June 2nd


Gardening Holiday/Retreat / Launde Community

Monday, 10th – Friday, 14th


Beginner’s Retreat:  A retreat for first time retreatants / Cathy Davies and Helen Newman

Friday, 19th – Sunday, 21st


Environment Retreat:  Finding the Sacred in God’s World / Andrew Hall

Monday, 12th – Thursday, 15th

Gardening Holiday/Retreat / Launde Community

Monday, 19th – Friday, 23rd


Charismatic & Contemplative / David Newman

Monday, 2nd – Thursday, 5th

To Be A Pilgrim: Guided Pilgrimage at Launde Abbey / Sally Welch

Monday, 9th – Thursday 12th

Icon Painting Retreat / Peter Murphy

Monday, 23rd – Friday, 27th


Gardening Holiday/Retreat / Launde Community

Monday,  October 28th – Friday, November 1st


Details to be confirmed


Advent joy and transformation: praying with Handel’s Messiah / Euan Tait

Friday, 6th – Sunday, 8th





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