Wedding legalities

Legal requirements for a wedding at Launde Abbey

There are no legal criteria which must be met for you to hold your wedding reception at Launde Abbey. Likewise, we are happy to offer a service of Blessing in the Abbey Chapel if you have been legally married elsewhere, and there are no legal requirements to be met for that service either.

If you want your actual wedding ceremony to be held in the Chapel there are legal requirements which must be met first. You must satisfy one of three criteria, either

  • live in the Parish of Loddington, or
  • have a legal “qualifying connection” with the Parish of Loddington (see below), or
  • habitually worship in Loddington Church for a period of not less than six months before the publication of banns.

You have a qualifying connection with the Parish of Loddington (and therefore with Launde Abbey) if:

  • you were baptised in the parish, or were confirmed through the parish church;
  • you have (now or in the past) lived in the parish for more than six months;
  • you have attended worship at the parish church for at least six months;
  • at least one of your parents has lived or worshipped in the parish for at least six months during your lifetime; or
  • you have a parent or grandparent who was married in the parish church.

For more information about these criteria, including the definition of a “qualifying connection”, please see the UK Government’s guidance here.

If you are uncertain whether or not you can fulfil these criteria, please contact us for advice.