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WE’RE OPEN! Our Dairy Tea Room is open daily from 10:00 am – 4:30 pm (main menu until 3:00 pm). We would love to welcome you. More information here.

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May 2024
20 May

Gardening Retreat: May

Enjoy a week working in Launde Abbey's spectacular gardens and experience our hospitality and dining.

Jun 2024
03 June

June Quiet Day

'She sits like a bird’ - time to reflect on a contemporary Pentecost hymn by John Bell and Graham Maule. A quiet day led by Rev John Rackley.

25 June

Rural Mission Hub at Launde Abbey

This rural mission hub day includes led reflection, time for personal prayer, mutual learning, shared wisdom and companionship with others in rural pioneering ministry.

27 June

Beginners Individually Guided Weekend Retreat ***FULLY BOOKED***

This is a weekend individually guided retreat offering time and space to notice and pay attention to God and the work of God in your life. It will be led by Rhona Knight and a team of experienced spiritual accompaniers. 

Jul 2024
01 July

July Quiet Day

Further details of this Quiet Day will be available soon. Please check back regularly for updates.

14 July

Classical Concert and Cream Tea: The Abeto Guitar Duo

Enjoy intimate classical performances from the finest musicians. Join us for an hour of enchanting classical music in our medieval chapel followed by the famous Launde Abbey Cream Tea.
A Launde Abbey Fundraising Event.

15 July

Mindfulness Retreat 2024

Nicola Smith explores the foundations of mindfulness, as taught in secular mindfulness courses, and helps us discover how these can support our prayer life, attentiveness and stillness.

Aug 2024
05 August

August Quiet Day

This Quiet Day will be led by Carys Walsh. Further details of this Quiet Day will be available soon. Please check back regularly for updates.

06 August

Individually Guided Retreat

Spiritual leader Dr Rhona Knight leads this silent retreat offering one to one support from her team of experienced guides.

12 August

Praying With Icons

A retreat led by the Revd Catherine Lomas reflecting on the use of icons as a means for prayer.