Launde Abbey Chapel

At times (especially during silent retreats) we restrict Chapel access to our residential guests only. During those times either the St Augustine Chapel (a prayer room opposite the main Chapel) or the Emmaus Chapel (a small chapel in the gardens) are offered to visitors seeking a place to pray or be still. If your main reason for visiting Launde is to see the Chapel we strongly recommend that you call us first on 01572 717254 to check whether the Chapel is open to visitors.

At other times we’re pleased to welcome visitors into the prayerful and serene medieval Chapel that lies at the heart of the Abbey’s life. The most ancient part of Launde, built as part of the original monastery church early in our 900 years of history, the Chapel bears witness to centuries of worship and devotion with it’s Norman arches, fourteenth century stained glass, sixteenth century monument to Gregory Cromwell, and twentieth century art.

Visitors are welcome to take part in our daily worship. Our services are simple, quiet and reflective, following the pattern of the Church of England’s Common Worship service book. We provide books for everyone and, since we’re used to having guests unfamiliar with Anglican worship, we always provide plenty of direction to help people join in meaningfully. Our service times each day are:

7.30am Silent Prayer
8.00am Eucharist
12.00pm Midday Prayer*
5.00pm Evening Prayer*

(*Not on Sundays)

It is also often possible to visit the Chapel between services, whether to pray and reflect, simply to sit in silence, or to take in the history, art and architecture. Since Launde is an active retreat house which always has guests on retreat, we do ask that visitors respect the clearly marked quiet and silent areas (including silence in the Chapel) and help us maintain the tranquillity and stillness that make Launde so special.