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About the Course

Holy Listening begins with an orientation day in January which explores the nature of spiritual direction, the skills and commitments it implies, the structure of the Holy Listening course, and the process of assessment with which the course concludes; there is also an opportunity to answer student questions.

The main body of the course is taught over four semesters (two years) with four all-day sessions per semester plus one residential (48 hours) during the year. The first semester sessions are in February, March, April and May; the second semester sessions in September, October, November and December. The residential is over a weekend in June or early July.

Each all-day session includes: an experience of an approach to Christian prayer, followed by journal reflection and conversation; some teaching on an aspect of Christian spiritual formation; lunch with conversation; and observed practice sessions in small groups.

The residentials provide opportunities for shared prayer and reflection, more practice sessions, assessment and questions, and exploring aspects of spiritual direction not covered by the core syllabus.

During the third and fourth semester of the course students will be assisted in finding their first directee. The students are expected to see their directee at least three times and provide written reflections on the experience.

Towards the end of the course students are required to undergo an assessment process which will result in one of two outcomes: a certificate of completion of the course together with a recommendation that the person is suitable to enter into a ministry of spiritual direction, or a certificate only where it is mutually agreed that the person’s ministry lies elsewhere. These certificates are presented at a closing ‘graduation’ service.

More information about the Holy Listening course can be downloaded in a single, printable PDF brochure by clicking here.