Holy Listening: Are you Called

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Are you called to the Holy Listening course?

Holy Listening is a two year course which includes teaching, prayer exercises and group practice. Between the monthly gatherings students are encouraged to undertake further reading, exploration of different spiritual traditions, and in the second year to develop some experience of offering spiritual direction to others.

Previous students have described the course as transformative, life-giving, a gift, a unique experience, and a joy. But it requires a high level of commitment, and a willingness to be open to God, to ourselves, and to other people to an extraordinary degree.

Holy Listening is also strongly focused on training spiritual directors. It is not primarily a course on Christian spirituality, nor a means for us to grow our own spiritual lives, although both these are part of the experience. We’re looking for students who are looking seriously towards offering this ministry in the wider church and society.

We encourage potential applicants to engage in a process of discernment, asking themselves and God whether they are called to this course.

  • Do you sense that God is calling you to a ministry of spiritual direction? This basic sense of calling may come through hearing God’s gentle whisper, through a ‘nudge’ of the Spirit, through conversations with others, or through a sense of being strongly drawn in a particular direction.
  • Do others recognise and share that sense of calling too? Fellow Christians, friends, family members or other significant people in your life?
  • Do you recognise the qualities of a spiritual director in yourself? Good spiritual directors are people who are prayerful, ready to listen, empathetic, self-aware, humble, willing to learn, and open to the wide variety of people’s lives and experience. Do others see this in you too?
  • Do you have a church or Christian community who will be willing to support you prayerfully and practically through your training and encourage you as you develop your ministry as a spiritual director?

If the answer to these questions is yes, we encourage you to apply for a place on Holy Listening. We’ll work with you to continue that process of discernment – a process which continues right through the course.

More information about the Holy Listening course can be downloaded in a single, printable PDF brochure by clicking here.