Holy Listening: Curriculum

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The curriculum groups areas of teaching on spiritual direction around four core themes:

  1. God: images of God; ways of faith; difficulties in prayer; and sacred story.
  2. The Directee: stages of life; suffering, change and loss; guilt and reconciliation; and sexuality and abuse;
  3. The Director: self-reflection; models of direction; safeguarding and records; and supervision.
  4. Relationships: listening skills; relationship dynamics; boundaries; and creating sacred space; and

These four core themes are expressed visually in the Holy Listening logo. The green circle represents the director coming alongside two others caught up in a dynamic and eternal relationship: God and the directee. The director has the privilege of reflecting, with the directee, on the seen and unseen aspects of this relationship.

Each of the four teaching days in every semester focuses on one of these key areas.

Curriculum for 2024 — 2025


  • January 19: Orientation Day
  • February 16: Self-Reflection
  • March 15: Life Stages
  • April 19: Listening Skills
  • May 24: Images of God
  • June 5 – 7: Residential
  • September 6: Safeguarding
  • October 4: Reconciliation
  • November 8: Boundaries
  • December 6: Difficulties


  • February 14: Models of Direction
  • March 14: Suffering & Change
  • April 18: Sacred Space
  • May 23: Ways of Faith
  • June 6 – 8: Residential
  • September 5: Supervision
  • October 3: Sexuality & Abuse
  • November 7: Personal Dynamics
  • December 5: Sacred Story

More information about the Holy Listening course can be downloaded in a single, printable PDF brochure by clicking here.