Holy Listening: Fees and Funding

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Fees and Funding

The fees for the Holy Listening course 2024-2025 will be £1,680 per year. These fees are paid as follows:

  • £420 deposit (non-refundable): on accepting a place on the course and either
  • £140 per month by standing order or Direct Debit from January 2024 to September 2025 (the deposit is used to cover the final three months of the course) or
  • £840 at the beginning of the first three semesters (January 1st 2024, September 1st 2024, and January 1st 2025) and £420 at the beginning of the fourth semester (September 2025; the deposit is used to cover the final three months of the course

The fees are used to (i) cover the cost of meeting space, food and accommodation at the day gatherings and residentials, (ii) pay the teaching team, (iii) purchase materials for the teaching sessions, (iv) ensure the smooth administration of the course, and (v) provide for the continued development of the course. The diagram below shows a breakdown of these costs:

Students commit to meeting in full any outstanding expenses if they withdraw from the course on reasonable grounds, but will not be liable for the cost of the remainder of the course.

Help with Funding

Launde Abbey is unable to provide bursaries or reductions in the fees for this course. However, funding and bursaries are available from a few different sources.

National and regional church bodies. You may be able to apply for assistance from your denomination, diocese, region, circuit or other church body. Your local minister should be able to put you in contact with the relevant person in your church structure.

Sponsoring churches and communities. Your sponsoring community is not required to provide you with any financial support, but they may be willing to do so. This conversation should begin with your minister or equivalent, or with the person providing your reference on behalf of the sponsoring community. They may also have information about local charitable trusts who might offer support.

Charitable bodies. There may be charitable trusts available in your local area, or through your denomination, which would provide assistance with fees; you should talk with your local church minister or a denominational representative about these possibilities.

More information about the Holy Listening course can be downloaded in a single, printable PDF brochure by clicking here.