Holy Listening: Your Sponsoring Community

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Your Sponsoring Community

Every student on the Holy Listening course is required to have a sponsoring church or community. This sponsor may be:

  • your local church
  • a denominational body
  • a training institute at which you are studying
  • a Christian organisation for which you work
  • a monastic or religious community
  • or any other suitable organisation able to fulfil the sponsorship requirements

We ask sponsoring communities to do five things in support of your application, training, and future ministry (helping you to PRESS forward!):

  • Pray for you during your discernment about the course, your time of training, and as you enter into your new ministry
  • Recommend you formally for training and future ministry (this would usually involve a minuted agreement at a formal meeting – a church council, chapter meeting or meeting of trustees , for example)
  • Ensure you are able to meet all the safeguarding requirements for this ministry (this includes running a DBS check on your behalf and providing access to relevant safeguarding training)
  • Sustain you during your period of training (this includes pastoral and spiritual care, and helping you find your first directee for the second year of the course; they may also choose to offer financial aid, although this is not required to be a sponsor)
  • Support your transition into ministry after the course (which may include ensuring you are able to connect with peer networks and find a supervisor)

If you’re considering applying for a place on Holy Listening you’ll want to begin conversations with your potential sponsoring community as soon as possible so they have time for any formal processes to take place.

More information about the Holy Listening course can be downloaded in a single, printable PDF brochure by clicking here.