Beauty: The First Word – Online Epiphany Retreat 2021

Beauty: The First Word – Online Epiphany Retreat

In the twenty centuries since the life of Jesus artists have experienced a sense of awe and wonder as they responded to Christ revealed in the Gospels.

In this retreat we spend time with some of these great artists and their works, reflecting with them on the story of Jesus and its impact on our world and our lives. We open ourselves to the beauty and challenge of their works and, perhaps, find ways of seeing God afresh. And we reflect on ways we can prayerfully respond to these gifts with generosity of spirit “so that, with the eyes of your heart enlightened,” as Paul writes, we can experience “the immeasurable greatness of his power for us.” (Ephesians 1)

Share the experience with us by following our pattern of worship, reflection and prayer by following the links below.

Day One of the Retreat: click here.
Day Two of the Retreat: click here.
Day Three of the Retreat: click here.


Revd Chris Webb

Chris Webb, our retreat leader, is Deputy Warden of Launde Abbey and Diocesan Spirituality Adviser to the Diocese. Chris is an Anglican priest who has ministered as president of a spiritual formation ministry in the USA, as a parish priest in Wales and in a church for the homeless. He is the author of two books: The Fire of the Word (2011) and God-Soaked Life (2017).

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