Icon Painting Retreat ***FULLY BOOKED***

Join experienced Iconographer, Peter Murphy for a week learning the medieval gilding and painting techniques to create stunning icon paintings


Gardening Week ***FULLY BOOKED***

Enjoy a week working in Launde Abbey's spectacular gardens and experience our hospitality and dining.


June Quiet Day: Let us go over to the other side

Launde Abbey East Norton, Leicestershire

The disciples always discovered something new when they went to the other side. Going to the other side of our lives may help us to discover which we have never explored before.


Push Out Even Deeper

Launde Abbey East Norton, Leicestershire

Come and participate in facilitated discussions, prayer and through sharing of stories, and learn what is working locally as well as regionally, and how Rural Ministries might support, resource, and encourage you where you are, and how you can link with other like-minded people.


Spiritual Writing ***FULLY BOOKED***

Come and discover the art of spiritual writing, writing about our spiritual lives and writing from that deep reflective place inside each of us.


Mindfulness Retreat ***FULLY BOOKED***

In this retreat, we explore the foundations of mindfulness, as taught in secular mindfulness courses, and we discover how these can support our prayer life, attentiveness and stillness.


July Quiet Day: Keeping the Fire Ablaze

Launde Abbey East Norton, Leicestershire

Barely a month after Pentecost when the tongues of the fire of the Holy Spirit lapped around Jesus’ followers, this Quiet Day invites participants to prepare for life in the power of the Spirit.


Magnificat – Bach’s Rejoicing

PRAYING WITH MUSIC: Explorations of great music at Launde Abbey with Euan Tait, a well know choral poet (librettist), whose work is commissioned and performed internationally. 
This retreat is designed to enable participants, performer and listener alike, to explore the spiritual and emotional hearts of Bach.