Holy Week Retreat

During this retreat we'll be walking the road to Calvary as we trace the story in Mark's gospel through reflections, prayer, meditation and silent contemplation.


Icon Painting Retreat *** FULLY BOOKED ***

Join experienced Iconographer, Peter Murphy for a week learning the medieval gilding and painting techniques to create stunning icon paintings


God’s Story, My Story

Led by Paul Rattigan, this retreat explores the importance of stories to our faith as we move through our everyday lives.


Living with Loss *** FULLY BOOKED ***

Launde Abbey East Norton, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Abi and John May invite those who have experienced bereavement to gain the tools to help cope with the life changing loss of a loved one.


The Jesus Prayer ***FULLY BOOKED***

Meditate together on this ancient prayer, discover something of its history and spiritual value, learn about the use of prayer ropes, and - of course! - practice praying the Jesus Prayer together. Led by Chris Webb.


Reforesting The Soul ***FULLY BOOKED***

Experience a feeling of being embraced and challenged by trees as Andrew Mayes invites you to pray with the trees.


Following Jesus Amongst The Pots and Pans

Through this retreat, Bishop Mike Harrison will be exploring five particular recommendations of Brother Lawrence for practicing the presence of God and looking at how his insights can be applied in everyday life, with plenty of room for discussion on the way. 


Contemplative Photography

Using photography as a starting point, Morna leads this retreat to draw on Ignatian spiritual practices to bring together the photographic stance and God’s lens, enabling us to see the world in fresh and new ways.


The Face of Love : Seeing and Being Seen

Launde Abbey East Norton, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

A retreat with Sister Rachel reflecting on what it might mean to allow ourselves space both to look towards God and to truly know that in the same moment, God looks upon us.


Blessed to be a Blessing ***FULLY BOOKED***

Launde Abbey East Norton, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Explore with Roy Searle how the God of blessing created us to be channels of blessing to people and places, in every place where we are.


Dayspring from on High: A Retreat for Advent ***FULLY BOOKED***

Launde Abbey East Norton, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Our Advent Retreat this year will focus on hope: the hope anticipated by the great saints of the Hebrew Bible, the hope celebrated by the New Testament church, the hope that breaks into our lives like a sunburst through the gloom. Led by Chris Webb.