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January 2019

The Sermon on the Mount: a spirituality for today

28th January, 4:00 pm to 31st January, 2:00 pm

A retreat led by Mike Harrison. This retreat will focus on the relevance of Jesus' teaching for us here and now; there will be plenty of space for stillness and silence, for discussion and even the odd film.

Rx Xanax Online

February 2019

Soulfulness: Finding Richer Communion

12th February, 6:00 pm to 15th February, 2:00 pm

** FULL ** A retreat with author and retreat guide Brian Draper. Join us as we open up evocative reflective space in which to nurture our natural intimacy; to let the soul stir again, and to cultivate a deeper, on-going sense of communion with God, ourselves, the world around us, and God’s Creation.

Alprazolam 1Mg Buy Online

Living with Loss

18th February, 4:00 pm to 22nd February, 2:00 pm

A retreat with Abi May. Grief following bereavement can feel overwhelming; the aim of this supported retreat is to better equip us to deal with our life-changing loss. 

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March 2019

Icon Painting Retreat

11th March, 11:00 am to 15th March, 4:30 pm

** FULL ** A five day icon painting course with experienced iconographer, Peter Murphy. In 2019 participants will be painting Byzantine icon, Our Lady of Tenderness; retreatants who have attended a course previously will be able to choose a different single figure template. Over the course of the week students will learn to gild and paint on a specially prepared wooden panel using traditional medieval techniques and materials.

Xanax Online Ireland

Lent Retreat: Dust and Glory

18th March, 6:00 pm to 21st March, 9:30 am

A Lent retreat with David Runcorn in which we'll reflect on the theme of dust and glory.  There will be input, shared prayer and worship, as well as times of guided silence.

Alprazolam For Sale Online

April 2019

Holy Week Retreat

15th April, 4:00 pm to 18th April, 9:30 am

A retreat for Holy Week led by Chris Webb and Cathy Davies, members of the Launde community. We'll be using compelling images of the Passion by artists both famous and less well-known to enter more deeply into Christ’s story and our own, and to discover the possibility of light in the darkness.

Ordering Alprazolam

Easter Retreat

23rd April, 4:00 pm to 26th April, 2:00 pm

Join us on our annual Easter Retreat with David and Helen Newman. Come and celebrate the essential Easter message – Christ is risen – and enter more fully into its life changing possibilities for you and for our world.

Buy Xanax Ireland

May 2019

A Retreat with Julian of Norwich

6th May, 4:00 pm to 10th May, 9:30 am

** FULL ** A retreat led by author and speaker Simon Parke. On this retreat, in a contemplative spirit, we sit with Julian in her cell in 14th century England, listening both to the remarkable times in which she lived; and to her life, her words and her soul.

Xanax Online Overnight Delivery

Labyrinth Retreat

28th May, 4:00 pm to 31st May, 9:30 am

Join us as retreat leader Barbara Wallace invites us to pray on an ancient path, exploring the history and variety of labyrinths with plenty of time to walk and pray on the beautiful outdoor and indoor labyrinths at Launde Abbey.

Buy Discount Xanax

Photography Retreat: Seeing the light in life

31st May, 6:00 pm to 2nd June, 2:00 pm

A photography retreat with Stephen Radley during which we can slow down and see the light of life in new and exciting ways. By combining mindfulness and photography we'll discover beauty in different things and learn the power of their story, revealed in what we photograph.

Xanax Canada Online
Buy Alprazolam